VAO assistant –

Your personal assistant

Ideal for providers of services: new clients, convenient booking, operative online communication. This app will provide you a surge of new clients and will make working with them most convenient.

VAO-assistant – your personal booking assistant

A reliable virtual helper

Thanks to VAO-assistant clients will be able to book an exact meeting hour with a few clicks on the smartphone screen – you will only have to confirm the booking.

Why is it worth using VAO-assistant?

It is convenient

It is convenient to plan your schedule along with VAO-assistant and to contact clients straight from the app.

Online booking

Clients book appointments with you according to your work schedule. You don’t have to be distracted from your main activity – the system itself will close the possibility for booking of the hours already taken.

New clients

Your services will be visible for all users of the VAO-assistant app. Thus you get new target clients who are interested in the kind of services you provide.

Review of the possibilities

The virtual assistant will give you a hint of how to take advantage of all the possibilities of the service.

VAO-assistant – your personal booking assistant
  • Convenient online format for quick reservations.
  • You will only have to confirm the booking.
  • If the client prefers to book by phone you can enter the data for their appointment by yourself.
  • Protection from superimposition: the booking of an already taken hour is not possible.
  • The system automatically calculates the time for the appointment depending on the services pointed out.
  • A special field for notes where customers can inform about their special wishes.
  • The visit information is stored in the client's private office in the RECORD section.
  • VAO assistant reminds the customer in advance of the recording.
  • You will not be forced to stay at work-due to distraction and forgetfulness of customers.
  • If there is a change in circumstances, the client may cancel the visit or transfer it to another time .
  • Free time is instantly available for recording by other clients (visitors).
  • Based on real reviews, customers in the system form a real rating for the current service.
  • Reviews of real clients - a good ad that you can trust.
  • Your popularity depends directly on the quality of the services offered.
  • The higher your rating, you have more new customers.

Available for iOS and Android

Download the VAO-assistant app on a smartphone or tablet. It is absolutely free. Now your personal helper is ready to work for you.

VAO-assistant – your personal booking assistant

Screenshots of the app

Have a look at the screenshots of the app even before downloading it and starting to work with it.

A tour on the app

We offer to your attention a video instruction for providers of services. Appreciate the ease of use of the service.

Reasonable tariffs

We offer several options of which it will be easy for you to choose the right one exactly for your business. If necessary, you will be able to switch to a different tariff plan in accordance with your changing needs.